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    Two Best Paper Award Finalists in IEEE-NANO 2017
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    2017-08-28 [14:51:51]
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    Our two papers won the Best Paper Award Finalists in IEEE-NANO 2017
    at Pittsburgh USA

    Title:  Ultra-Low Standby Power and Static Noise-Immune Standard Ternary Inverter Based on Nanoscale Ternary CMOS Technology

    Author: Sunhae Shin, Jae Won Jeong, Esan Jang, and Kyung Rok Kim

    Title:  Highly-Sensitive Plasmonic Nano-Ring Transistor for Monolithic Terahertz Active Antenna

    Author: Min Woo Ryu, Ramesh Patel, Esan Jang, Sang Hyo Ahn, Hyeong Ju Jeon, Mun Seok Choe, Eunmi Choi, Ki Jin Han, and Kyung Rok Kim


    Please refer the following website for these publications in detail.

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